On Thursday 18 August 'Surfers Paradise' in Knokke-Heist is organising their very first Never Give Up Day Challenge!

Millions of Americans and Canadians are celebrating Never Give Up Day this year. More than 40 mayors proclaimed August 18, 2022 as Never Give Up Day. Among those cities are: Milwaukee, Baltimore, Charlotte, Fort Worth, Brampton, Regina, Halifax, etc.

The idea behind the Never Give Up Day Challenge is that people want a challenge and are willing to do difficult things for a good cause.

The Never Give Up Day Challenge means that everyone can participate in a paddle challenge on a surfboard. All participants can choose from different distances ranging from 300m to 2100m. Time is irrelevant and a break can be taken along the way. Everyone can participate with their own board, or use a board and wetsuit for free. The aim is to complete the chosen distance, not to give up. Participation is free of charge and there will be a guide on the water. By deciding to take part in the Never Give Up Day Challenge, participants not only contribute to charity but also invest in their physical health and well-being.

Never Give Up Day puts people in a giving mood. For every 100 metres of paddling, for example, participants can help raise money for your cause (via crowdfunding etc).

If you are interested, you can register using the registration form below.

We will then provide Never Give Up Day BBQ which will start at 18h.

The Challenge is free!

Click here to watch a video of 'Never Give Up Day'.
More info about Never Give Up Day: www.nevergiveupday.com