School sports days

Sports activities

A wide range of water and beach sports


  • Drinks
  • Fresh bread rolls
  • BBQ


  • Capacity
  • Supplies
  • Route

Book a school sports day

Timely reservation is necessary to ensure a free date.

Surfers Paradise is the perfect place to give your pupils an unforgettable school sports day.
We have all the necessary accommodation for this.

  • Clubhouse with bar, terrace, toilets, lounge and cloakroom with hot showers.
  • All sports equipment is available for surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, stand up paddle boarding, sea kayaking and much more.
  • All accessories such as surfing suit and life jacket are always included.
  • Qualified and enthusiastic instructors!

sports activities

Water and beach sports

During a school sports day at Surfers Paradise your pupils can get to know numerous challenging water and beach sports such as wave surfing, stand up paddleboarding, powerkiting, windsurfing, skateboarding, boogieboarding, skimboarding, kayaking, rafting, beach volleyball, beach football, kubbing.

Diversion possibilities

If the group is larger, we can work together with Lakeside Paradise !
The water sports club offers water sports on the Duinenwater Lake. One possibility is to split the group into two and spend the school sports day at both locations.


Warm welcome, explanation of programme, introduction of instructors and group division "A", "B", "C".Morning part 1
Group A: Rafting
Group B: Golf surfing & kayaking
Group C: Powerkite
Morning part 2:
Group C: Rafting;
Group A: Golf surfing & kayaking
Group B: Powerkite
Lunch and lunch breakAfternoon part 1:
Group B: Rafting
Group C: Golf surfing & kayaking
Group A: Powerkite
Changing clothes and debriefing

Food and drink

Our beach bar serves all kinds of hot and cold drinks and freshly made sandwiches. There is the possibility to organize a BBQ as lunch. Schools are allowed to bring their own packed lunch during the sports day.



As we want to ensure quality and safety, we go up to about 130 pupils, using a rotation system. The day is adapted to your wishes and above all depends on the current weather conditions. Bad weather and rain will not be a problem as the pupils will enter the water in wetsuits anyway.


Sporting clothes (adapted to possible Belgian weather conditions), towel, sun cream, bathing and/or beach clothes, sturdy footwear and a connecting swimming costume! In case of force majeure, the sports oasis swimming pool may be used and connecting swimwear is required.

Public transportation

Surfers Paradise is also easy to reach by public transport, via train/tram and bus. Just before the end stations of the train or tram there are pick-up points for bus 12 (Knokke-Het Zoute-Oosthoek), which brings you within 1 km of Surfers Paradise, Liquorice stop. From there, it is a 10-minute walk (+/- 1 km) to Surfers Paradise.
You can walk up via the lekkerbek slope to the dyke and then follow the dyke to the right, towards the little tower... arrival in Paradise!


Thank you for the good reception! The students enjoyed ending the academic year together in your beach bar!

KUL Manama Notary Public


We found the experience super. The welcome from Frank (and Laura) was nice, the guidance and explanations from Laura were great and always pleasant. She helped the students (and teachers :-)) and was always patient 🙂 It gave us a great day. Everyone had fun and the students were still enthusiastic a day later. It was also nice to see the face of the person behind the phone. Thanks again for taking care of everything 🙂


KA Dendermonde


We really liked the fact that it was adapted to the group and everything was possible,
in a cosy relaxed atmosphere,
our guests enjoyed it very much.

Steiner School Ghent


First of all I would like to thank Surfers Paradise for the smooth and pleasant course of our sports day on 7 May '21. The 14 pupils of 6 Sport Science (VHSI) had a great time surfing and skateboarding. They loved the location and appreciated the friendly reception and the enthusiastic coaching!


VHSI - May Bruges


application form school sports day

Cancellation policy

From the moment of drawing up the advance invoice or payment of the advance, there is always a cancellation fee associated with the reservation, amounting to the total amount of the advance. This regardless of the date on which the cancellation of the reservation is communicated to the club. A cancellation must always be notified in writing. In case of force majeure* Surfers Paradise may use the deposit for a new reservation at a later date. *Force majeure: A shortcoming cannot be imputed to the debtor if it is not due to his debtnor under the law, legal act or generally accepted views is for his account. For example: Public transport strike, extreme weather, attack