Wingfoiling, the newest wind sport on the Belgian coast!

Wingfoiling is new, fun, and very accessible for beginning surfers. A Wing is an inflatable wing that you simply handle as a windcheater, without the use of lines, bar or harness. A Wing, which can exist in different sizes, was especially designed to eventually be used on a Foilboard.

During the initiation we teach you how to handle the wing on a board with enough volume so that you can stand comfortably. If possible, we start on the hard sand on a speedsail on wheels. Here you learn all the skills to handle the wing and keep your balance. When you know how to catch the wind, you are ready for the big stuff and you start on the foilboard.

At sufficient speed you get lift and before you know it, provided you maintain the right balance and foot pressure, you are silently above the water. Surfers Paradise has all sizes of wings, boards and foils.

If you have no experience with the foil board, we recommend taking a Tow-foiling lesson. This involves being pulled by a lever through the cable car or motorboat. The ideal way to get introduced to foil for the first time. You stand comfortably on a large board and the instructor gives you the correct speed to make your first safe flight. On the cable car, you are not affected by swell or wind, which guarantees success! With the motorboat or jet ski you can cover a lot of distance in flat sea, ideal to get your legs used to the feeling of flying the foil.

Rates wingfoiling

Non Members

  • Initiation 2h group lesson: 80 euros pp
  • Advanced 1h/group lesson: 100 euros pp
  • Lesson Pack for 3 lessons (2h initiation + 2x 1h group lesson): 250 euro
  • Private lesson 2h: 220 euros
  • Tow Foil 1h duel class: 90 euro pp


  • Initiation 2h group lesson: 75 euros pp
  • Advanced 1h/group lesson: 95 euros pp
  • Lesson Pack for 3 lessons (2h initiation + 2x 1h group lesson): 240 euros
  • Private class 2h: 200 euro
  • Tow Foil 1h duel class: 85 euro pp

You can register using the form below. You can then indicate your available days and we will contact you as soon as there is a match with your available moments and weather conditions.

Please mention in the remarks if you want to take lessons together with someone and if you are not available at certain times of the day. We give lessons from 9 am to 9 pm, depending on the available wind.