Best of both worlds


  • Start Member (1p): €100 
  • Love Members (2p): €150 
  • Family Members (3p): €180
  • Crowd Members (4p): €220 + 1p (€40)
  • Option sports insurance €30

join the paradise family


  • You are a member of Surfers and op Lakeside Paradise.
  • Grote reductie op lessen & verhuur van sportmateriaal
  • 10% korting op food & drinks met eigen barrekening


  • Alle lidmaatschappen zijn strikt persoonlijk. Dit geldt ook voor beurtenkaarten of voor een barrekening. 
  • For all memberships, each member must live at the same domicile address.
  • You may be asked for your membership card at the time of booking. Please have it with you.

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Discover all the advantages of a membership here

As a member of Surfers and Lakeside Paradise you are part of two clubs that stand for a good atmosphere, holiday feeling and all possible water sports on the Belgian coast. As a member, you are important! You help the club grow, the sport and "feel good" on the beach and at the Duinenwater Lake.

Important! Our membership is strictly personal, as are all offered benefits. We offer super-favourable rates for couples and families living at the same residence address. May we therefore ask that everyone who enjoys the benefits offered on Surfers and Lakeside Paradise please become a member?

Alvast bedankt voor de medewerking. Vergeet niet na betaling je elk jaar opnieuw aan te melden aan het onthaal van Surfers Paradise of Lakeside Paradise voor ophalen lidkaart & ledenpakket.


  • Best of both worlds - Membership on both paradises
  • Member card
  • Club operation
  • Reduction on rental of sports equipment Wake&Waterski School and Wind&Wav School
  • Reduction on surfcamps, lessons and internships
  • Possibility to purchase hour cards (10x1h/10x2h) *Lakeside
  • Possibility to buy a boardriders card (use of material) *Surfers
  • Possibility of water and kite insurance:
    • Bodily accidents and accidents to third parties
    • Membership Wind- en watersportvlaanderen (WWSV)* Surfers Paradise
    • Membership Flemish Water Ski Federation (WSV)*Lakeside Paradise
    • Additional info insurance: click here 
  • Member service on and off the water, member: free rescue / non-member: mandatory membership
  • Participation in official matches (+ supplementary licence) *Lakeside Paradise
  • Race licence for national races via wwsv *Surfers Paradise
  • Subscription "Sailing" *Lakeside Paradise
  • "Bring a friend" right to invite friends to member activities
  • Possibility of participating in club trips

Member services on and off the water

  • Own bar bill with 10% discount
  • Gratis leden T-shirt
  • Exclusive access to the lounge terrace (non-smoking) *Surfers Paradise
  • View the latest surf magazines worldwide.
  • Free toilets by use of key *Surfers Paradise
  • Free changing rooms with hot showers
  • Possibility of using the boarding and equipment lockers (+ supplement)
  • Possibility of using accommodation for special private occasions
  • Member service on and off the water, member: free rescue / non-member: mandatory membership
  • Free shuttle service for equipment via Appelzakstraat *Surfers
  • Free use of volleyball and beach ball courts *Surfers
  • Gratis gebruik strandstoelen/windschermen/ligzakken * Surfers Paradise
  • Use WhatsApp for surfalert, textmessage: 0474 52 43 37


  • Ledenkorting op vertoon van geldige lidkaart bij Chill Out Lippenslaan Knokke.
  • Ledenkorting op vertoon van geldige lidkaart bij Icarus Shop Zeebrugge


Annual membership€ 100 
Love Members (couple 1 address)€ 150 
Family Members (3 pers)€ 180children -8 years free of charge, if parents are members
Additional Family Member€ 40 
Lidmaatschap WWSV (wind & watersport Vlaanderen)€ 30

Verplicht voor alle watersporters, is de federatie die op nationaal en internationaal vlak onze belangen vertegenwoordigt en verdedigt. Dit lidmaatschap is verplicht voor alle watersporters en biedt onder andere een complete verzekering aan voor persoonlijke lichamelijke ongevallen en schade aan derden tijdens het beoefenen van risicosporten. Deze verzekering dekt ook ongevallen in het buitenland en ongevallen van en naar de Watersportclub.

insurance is mandatory for all water sports
Year€ 200 
Peak Season (Apr - Oct)€ 140(max 7 maanden = 20 € / maand) (enkel voor Surfers Paradise)
Low Season (Nov - Mon)€ 100(only for Surfers Paradise)
1 month€ 80(only for Surfers Paradise)
1 week€ 50(only for Surfers Paradise)
Year€ 120 
Peak Season (Easter holidays to autumn holidays)€ 80 
Low Season (Nov - Mon)€ 60 
1 month€ 50 
1 week€ 20 
Rats / Chicks€ 150weekly sessions for young people -18 years with professional programme
Surfers Paradise Boardriders Card€ 150Unlimited use of all surfing equipment excluding wings/ wind- & kitesurf at Surfers Paradise
Windsurfing Season Pass€ 350ongelimiteerd gebruik van alle windsurfing materiaal


Info & tarieven van ons 2de paradijs