Mission & vision


Surfers Paradise is an active water sports club in Knokke-Heist in the middle of the dunes next to Het Zwin nature reserve. Since 1988 you can come to us wave surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding. We also offer many other beach & sea sports. Looking for a location to rent water sports equipment? a private surfing lesson or other lesson (private or in a group),water sports camp or school sports day at Knokke-Heist? Team building with the company? Closing with a BBQ on the beach? Surfers Paradise has it all!


Surfers Paradise, a way of living close to the Ocean !

Our goal: To pass on the passion for water sports to everyone and to run a club that is open to young and old. Without distinction of colour, language or class. We want to encourage everyone to do as much sport as possible in a fun, friendly and atmospheric way. All this in the middle of the sea, sun and beach.

Our operation has the vision to offer everyone of any level the most sophisticated water sports training possible with the means available. Moreover, this should be done in a pleasant atmosphere.

Refined therefore means striving for top quality in every facet of the operation. Incidentally, everyone - our trainers, surfers, permanent staff, students and volunteers alike - must be convinced or become convinced that this quality is the only way to sustainable success.

The sense of belonging to a group is central and this must be worked on constantly so that each member of the operation feels involved in the whole and not just in his own team, family, company, camp or group.

Water sports represent fun and a unique lifestyle. But these sports also require commitment and respect for agreements and rules. It is certainly not the intention that this should get in the way of entertainment. Watersports remain enjoyable when everyone does their bit to create a good atmosphere.


As a surfing club, we strive for a positive image and we convey this message, not only to the youth, but also to the adults. Respect for the environment and materials, fair play and a sporting attitude are key.

Wij presenteren een zeer divers aanbod van watersporten voor jong & oud: onder meer golfsurfen, windsurfen, kitesurfen, stand-up paddle boarden, zeeraften, kajakken , efoilen, wingfoilen, pronefoilen, skimboarden, bodyboarden, skateboarden en strandsporten horen daarbij.

Dit kan iedereen beoefenen via Start To-sessies, surfkampen, gratis initiaties, bedrijfsincentives, teambuildings & familydays, events en schoolsportdagen. Daarnaast bieden we ook de jeugd de kans om toe te treden tot de surfteams waar ze wekelijks professionele begeleiding krijgen. Dit uitgebreide assortiment sportaanbod is werkelijk voor iedereen, ongeacht sociale en culturele achtergrond. Iedereen krijgt de kans om toe treden tot de wondere wereld van surfen.

Club house and accommodation

Ontdek in ons “Californian Clubhouse” te Knokke-Heist de surfbar met seizoensaangepaste Surfers Paradise kaart en de meest exclusieve surf-geïnspireerde decoratie van over de hele wereld. Buiten is het gezellig vertoeven op het ruime strandterras met Sunset lounge & cocktailbar.
The beach is equipped with hammocks, beanbags, a trampoline and a beach volleyball court.
The shed provides spacious changing rooms, showers, reception and enough space to safely store club and personal equipment. The professional rescue service always keeps an eye on things. Families and friends who want to enjoy a drink or snack on the beach of Knokke-Heist in a cosy environment are also very welcome.


In 1987, the legendary Californian Beach Boys gave a live performance in Knokke-Heist and attracted some 15,000 enthusiasts to the beach, at the level of the old Swimming Pool. Barely one year later, in 1988, the Frank Vanleenhove er Surfers Paradise om hetzelfde stukje strand om te toveren tot een Californisch ogende surfspot. Hierin werd hij gesteund door de stichtende leden van Surfers Paradise.

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