Active water sports club in Knokke-Heist

Events / calendar

July & Aug: Crossfit at the beach

July & Aug: Sundayzzz Summer Nights

Thursday, August 15: Birthday Party

Surfers Paradise is an active water sports club in Knokke-Heist in the middle of the dunes next to Het Zwin nature reserve. You can play water sports with us since 1988. We mainly offer wave surfingwindsurfingkitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding to. In addition, there are many other beach & sea sports to experience such as beach volleyball, skateboarding, and all possible foil variants such as e-foiling, wingfoiling, windfoiling, pronefoiling and kitefoiling. Looking for a location to rent water sports equipment? a private surfing lesson or other lesson (private or in a group),water sports camp or school sports day at Knokke-Heist? Team building with the company? Closing with a BBQ on the beach? Surfers Paradise has a unique californian dream clubhouse with all the accommodation and a large beach terrace.


He loved it, merci! Nice to relive my own childhood bit on Surfers, tx



It was a very fun and enjoyable week, and one I won't soon forget. Thank you for this great week



A very professional approach to the camp. They were with 4 friends and had a facilitator for them 4 which made the quality of teaching top notch. Worth repeating!



The organisation and facilitators are TOP. Also a big congratulations to the friendly and congenial staff at the bar. They do their job impeccably and with a smile !!!



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