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Professional golf surfing team (full 2021)

Our professional surf team at Surfers Paradise consists of 'Rats' boys and 'Chicks' girls (8 - 18 years). Weekly Sunday sessions are scheduled in the morning or afternoon according to level. The sessions run from April to October. These sessions are on demand according to the water conditions. Team clothes are obligatory.

Match Team

This team includes the Rats who are able to surf independently. Here, technique, competition rules, tricks and sea knowledge are taught in depth. Depending on the waves, this team surfs at external locations.

Trips and annual Team Trip

Only surfing in Belgium brings little experience. To anticipate on this, the Rats do several trips. competitions on location, surf challenge and several surf & skate events are examples of this. During the autumn holidays the Rats get the chance to go on a unique surf trip.


The Skypirates - Kitesurfing team

Improving your skills can only come through training. That's why the Skypirates team at Surfers Paradise was created. You get training in freeride, freestyle and waveboarding. The training and outings prepare every Skypirate for participation in competitions at home and abroad. In addition, monthly Cable Wakeboard sessions are always part of the programme!

Are you between 8 and 18 years old and addicted to sun, sea and wind?
Do you want to take your kiting to the next level?
Looking for a great group of young people to share your passion for kitesurfing with every week?

Then don't hesitate any longer and become a Surfers Paradise Skypirate!

Benefits of a Surfers Paradise Skypirate

  • Guidance from experienced and qualified monitors in freeride, freestyle and wave.
  • The latest equipment from Naish, Dakine and O'Neill is available.
  • Training and individual coaching for important competitions such as BK kite.
  • Monthly Cable Wakeboard session @Lakeside Paradise.
  • Unique Guest Sessions with professional riders.
  • Trips to various kite, skate and wake events

The Rebels - Windsurfing Team

Looking for professional guidance on how to plan that jibe or make a backloop? Young, talented windsurfers will certainly find what they are looking for here!

Under the sail of a regular coach and a guest coach in summer, the Rebels get to master the coolest tricks. There are a number of regular training sessions from April to September.

During the summer, every rebel can use the latest Goya material for free for a few hours.