3 youth teams

Join a youth team at Surfers Paradise

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Are you between 8 and 18 years old and addicted to sun, sea and waves?
Do you want to take your surfing to the next level?
Looking for a great group of young people to share your passion for surfing waves with every week?

Then don't hesitate any longer and become a Surfers Paradise Rat or Chick!


The professional surf team at Surfers Paradise consists of several groups:

- Paradise Rats Groms: boys (8-11y)

- Paradise Chicks Groms: girls (8-11y)

- Paradise Rats Juniors: boys (12-18y)

- Paradise Chicks Juniors: girls (12-18y)

- Paradise contest team Rats&Chicks Groms: (8-11y)

- Paradise match team Rats&Chicks Juniors: (12-18y)

From the first Sunday in April to the second Sunday in October, training sessions are planned every week. In the morning from 10.00 to 13.00 for the groms and in the afternoon from 13.30 to 16.30 for the juniors.


- Weekly supervision by experienced and qualified monitors.
- Various and extensive surf and skate equipment available during the sessions
- Training and individual coaching of competition team
- E-foil sessions at flat sea
- Trips to various events

Match Team
This team includes the Rats&Chicks who are able to to surf on their own. Here you will learn more about the technique, the competition rules, tricks and sea knowledge. Depending on the waves, surfing this team at external locations. When good waves are predicted on days other than Sunday, the competition team receives additional training on demand.

Trips & annual team trip
Only surfing in Belgium brings little experience of
with it. To respond to this, the Paradise golf surfing team is doing several
outings. Competitions on location, surf challenge and multiple surf & skate
events are examples of this. During the autumn break, the team members
the chance to go on a unique surfing trip.

Experience & conditions

Experience required to join the team:
o Team members must be able to paddle independently through the surf and reach the instructors in normal sea conditions.
o Team members must be able to paddle in a wave by themselves.
o Team members should already be able to ride the wave and control pop up.
o 30% attendance rate mandatory throughout the season
o Team clothes required on each session on site at Surfers Paradise & Lakeside Paradise and activity at external location
o Punctuality, anyone who fails to arrive on time for a session without notification will not be able to participate in the session.
o Participation in all activities during the session, even if there are no waves
o Respect and courtesy towards trainers and other team members


- Membership: €100 for 1 person // preferential rate for several people of the same family
- Compulsory WWSV water sports insurance: €30 per person
• Inschrijvingsgeld team: €200 per persoon + teamkledij apart aan te kopen – 28 sessies