On the first Sunday of spring, there was little spring weather to be seen, but 63 volunteers came to clean up the beach from Surfers Paradise to the Swan Gully following the 15th edition of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup.
Alderman for the Environment Antoine Geerinckx, with his wife, bit the bullet and collected 1Okg of waste on his own.
Man and animals worked together to move the waste, for example, there were 2 donkeys with carriers and several dogs who helped scour the dunes for waste.
The total loot ended up amounting to as much as 126Kg of waste.

Notable pieces included an empty valise!, nets and quite a bit of miscellaneous plastic waste, the vast majority found among the marram grass in the dune strip.
Due to the onshore northwest wind, some things washed ashore from the sea such as some jerry cans.
So thank you to all the brave beachcombers, there was not much useful stuff, but we will start the new season with a clean 3 km stretch. Hopefully this applies to the entire Belgian coast, because every water sports club made its contribution today. Surfers mainly need clean beaches and litter-free water to do their thing.

On to the next edition, hopefully with even less waste because it looks like more and more respect is being shown for nature and less waste is just being left behind, unless the wet winter did its bit and caused fewer visitors...