22 months on the road....and now arrived at Surfers Paradise!

The Swedish-born Jonas Böhlmark  (33 years old) set foot on Surfers Paradise yesterday, after a journey of...22 months. All that time ago, he set off across the sea in Norway by SUP to Stand Up Paddleboard at an average of 8-10 hours a day, paddling from beach to beach. Overnight he did each time on some beach in a sleeping bag....


The end is not really in sight yet as the next goal is Ramsgate (UK) and that via the most difficult route: crossing the North Sea from the Netherlands for a 160km trip.


His guidance team is in Sweden, where they have to apply for all possible permissions and are therefore now looking for a guidance boat, because doing such a trip alone is strongly advised against, of course. 


The North Sea is one of the world's busiest routes that you don't want to end up among with your SUP. If Jonas manages to complete this feat, he does not know what the next step will be, so it will be a wait and see. 


He was already pleased with the "aloha" reception he received at Surfers Paradise and was happy to talk to anyone. Noteworthy was his diet at sea to never get seasick while paddling: milk, water and oranges. Fortunately, the Surfers Paradise pot provided other fare and Jonas was able to gather strength before paddling on.

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