Grommet Day brought a bit of summer!

Surfers Paradise was transformed into a true children's paradise on Sunday, 2 June! With a full complement of 50 children, everyone was ready to take part in an afternoon of free water sports activities. Under some sunlight among the grey clouds, the young grommets had their first introduction on the boogie boards after first receiving an engaging explanation on the beach. 

The fairly turbulent North Sea once again guaranteed strong waves this year. To such an extent that Anthony Gormly's statue was washed off its pedestal for the second time there at the head of the adjacent breakwater. But this could not spoil the fun. With all the parents as loyal supporters on the water's edge, all the children thoroughly enjoyed their very first surfing experiences. As a reward, there was ice cream with fruit salad.

Afterwards, they enjoyed the fantastic "Papa Chico magic show". With his music, animals, colourful props and funny jokes, Papa Chico completely enchanted the children and made sure everyone went home with a smile. Their farewell was well taken care of by delicious Lays Chips and a Looza apple & fruit juice. 


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