Surfers Paradise Rats & Chicks launch!

The very first training session of the Surfers Paradise Rats & Chicks is a fact.
There are 60 of them this year, youngsters aged between 7 and 15 who sign up every Sunday morning to learn to become better surfers from 10am to 12.30pm.

It was still a fresh start with many holidaymakers but the head is already off, they were all very brave to surf the first waves of the year.

The aim is to provide thorough surf training every Sunday morning under the guidance of experienced instructors and also get the motivated surfers ready for competitions.
This includes the use of video analysis, which should improve technique from an early age.
From 15 onwards, there is then the pro team who come to train on demand when there are really high waves.

Surfers Paradise also has a team van that can be used to travel to other surf spots along the Dutch or Belgian coast.
When there are no waves, dry training is done on carving boards or surfing on Lakeside Paradise's cable car. In that case, they are also introduced to foilsurfing, supping, powerkiting and paddleboarding.
International trips to the Surfpool in Rotterdam, The Hague and Bristol (UK) are also scheduled.
The apotheosis takes place during the autumn break when the team trip to Imsouane Marokke is on the agenda.