European premiere at Surfers Paradise

Also this year, Surfers Paradise is offering e-foiling through the Fliteschool as the alternative in flat sea and light-weather conditions.
That foiling is on a global conquest needs no explanation.
E-Foiling joins this trend and its evolution year after year has been spectacular. An E-Foilboard features a battery that drives a propeller on the wing underwater.

Not only is it a fun sport in itself, it allows novice foilers to master foiling without a problem, whatever form you want to practice.
Wingfoiling is undoubtedly the most practised branch at present, along with kitefoiling, windsurfing and surfboarding.

When efoiling, you can opt for a bulky and easy board that you can comfortably stand up with the remote in your hand.
This controls the speed, and once it is sufficient, the board comes out of the water floating so that the practitioner only touches the water via the foil - a wing under the board.
So you no longer feel any resistance or wave action, creating a kind of weightlessness and floating feeling over the salty wet.
Once you master this balancing act you get completely hooked and the step to other foil shapes is easy.

At Surfers Paradise, not only can you take a lesson to master efoiling in no time, afterwards you can also rent the efoil to float around on the North Sea.

For that, there are especially the safe Flite Air and the Flite Air Pro, both made of rigid inflatable construction and equipped with extremely stable wings.

European Premiere

Surfers Paradise managed to get a board in the range through Efoilservice Belgium exclusively for the practised expert foiler.
This " Flite Ultra" has a "folding prop": if the practitioner rides down the swell and he allows the propeller to come to a standstill, it folds in and in this way offers no more resistance, with the result that surfing can simply continue on the swell of the sea while the board surfs on the wing alone.
When the ride comes to an end, the remote control brings the propeller back up to speed and you can look for the next wave.
Importantly, if the surfer loses balance and falls into the water, the propeller also stops turning immediately while a leech ensures that the board can never move away from the surfer.

Surfers Paradise is open daily and lessons can be booked via the website Registration form e-foilcenter - Surfers Paradise
For everyone to enjoy themselves in optimal conditions, we choose the best days and moments after which you will be notified that it is time to have a fun experience.
Surfers Paradise provides all supplies such as wetsuit, life jacket, helmet... and a motivated instructor.

The cost of an E-Foil is around €15,000
An hour lesson all included costs €150, while an E-Foil rental costs €110 per hour.
Lessons can be booked alone or in pairs.