Teen sports afternoons at Surfers Paradise!

From 21 April Every Wednesday afternoon until the end of May, Surfers Paradise organises an afternoon of water and beach sports for "adolescent" teenagers from 14 to 18 years old. Depending on the weather conditions, a choice is made from the wide range of sports our club has to offer. No experience is required and all materials are provided. All you need are sports and bathing suits, a towel and a good dose of humour and sportsmanship.

Are there good waves, for example? Then we go wave surfing.
If there is a strong breeze, you can expect an initiation to kiting.

If the sea is as flat as a pancake, you can go supping or kayaking.
There are also rafts to overcome the surf together.
On the beach, you can play beach volleyball, beach paddle and speed sail. There are also e-skates, longboards and hamboards that can provide the necessary dose of fun. Of course, several activities per afternoon are possible.

Pre-registration is necessary and there is guidance from expert and enthusiastic instructors.

1 session costs 20€, for 6 sessions you pay 100€: this is guidance, material, a drink and insurance included.
Everything is organised in small groups according to the regulations in force.

Frank VanleenhoveIt is generally said that there was a lot more sporting activity during the last corona year. That may well be, but for 14 to 18-year-olds, I think this is anything but the case. Until recently, this age group was not allowed to train, there were no competitions, and this age group does not get its kicks from a bike ride or a walk, or from jogging. Our aim is to provide this group with a fun-filled afternoon surrounded by sea, sun and beach. In this way, the computer, TV, mobile phone and gaming are put aside for a while and they get a taste of the open air while moving. Who knows, maybe they will become passionate about one or other sport and have a great summer after their exams?

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