Surfers Paradise sells Keith Haring reproductions

During the years 1987, 1988 and 1989, the famous American artist Keith Haring was a welcome guest in Knokke-Heist. In his free time he enjoyed spending time at Surfers Paradise, where he learned to surf and enjoyed the relaxed beach life. As a thank you, he created a unique Surfers Paradise logo especially for the club in 1989: a windsurfer on a wave. At that time Surfers Paradise had 160 members and everyone received a T-Shirt with this logo on it. The logo was given a prominent place in the clubhouse and was used on a few rare occasions as a much-appreciated business gift.  

In these coronation times, the idea came up to make 500 numbered prints of the logo on matt white A3 cardboard and sell them for the sum of €50. On the reverse side is the print of the accompanying personal letter that Keith wrote as an accompaniment and as proof of authenticity, in fact also a work of art in itself.Framed, it is a beautiful piece to have in your home, timeless and above all a link from you to Surfers Paradise and a tribute to an exceptional artist. 

The reproduction can be ordered, is delivered in a sturdy envelope and can be collected from Lakeside Paradise in Duinenwater 41 every weekend and holiday in the afternoon.