Stand Up Paddle or SUP season starts

Beautiful weather and a favourable easterly wind ensured that no less than 50 enthusiasts turned up for the first Surfers Paradise SUP training trip of the season. The start was made at the Zwintriatlon pontoon in Sluis, after which everyone set course for Hoeke. There the first well-deserved provisioning took place. From there in the direction of Oostkerke they went flat out under the bridge and the last 750 metres to the Siphon in Damme. There the Easter bunny was ready with a drink and an Easter snack.

For those who want to try out paddling, lessons are given by qualified instructors at both Surfers and Lakeside Paradise and everything can be hired so that you can go off on your own. When touring the North Sea from Surfers Paradise, you should be looking for a more or less windless day with little or no wave action. You can visit Lakeside Paradise every day. Reservation is recommended. There are also wetsuits and life jackets available.

Suppen offers a total body work out on the water without extra strain on muscles and joints. Moreover, it is relaxing in a natural environment and along the way you can have a chat with your paddling neighbour. Just like jogging, this is the perfect way to burn fat and work on your six-pack. It is also good for your sense of balance, your toe muscles, ankles, lower and upper legs, chest and back muscles and both arms of course.

Surfers Paradise organises a monthly sup trip where everyone can participate regardless of level. Everyone paddles at his or her own pace and there is always a wait at certain points. For each trip there is an initiation on the spot that helps everyone to get started quickly, while the accompanying instructors constantly improve your paddling technique during the trip if necessary. Paddling trips are also the ideal outing for those who put together their own group.


  • Pink Paddle: 24 May, 6 pm (women)
  • Midsummer Paddle: 21 June, 6 pm
  • Suppen to Sergio, from Surfers Paradise to Republic Cadzand, with dinner as a finale. 28 June 18h.
  • Purple Paddle: 6 September, 6 pm (ladies)
  • Sup'n Dine Côte Belge : 13 September, 6 pm

All information and registrations: mail to or call 050/615960