End of the season drink & Surf&TurfBBQ

Surfers Paradise remains open daily until 10 October. To end the season in style we invite everyone to our END OF SEASON DRINK & BBQ. We start at 16h with an apero, followed by our Surf & Turf deluxe bbq at 18h. Hopefully in a real late summer atmosphere, we can of course also have our ... Read more

Jack O'Neill Day

This weekend, all surfers around the world commemorated Jack O'Neill (1923-2017), the man who invented the wetsuit in 1952, allowing water sports enthusiasts around the world to stay out in the cold water a lot longer without worrying. So too at Surfers Paradise in Knokke-Heist, where no fewer than 130 surfers sat on their surfboards in the sea ... Read more

Après Surf & Turf BBQ on Sundays in July & August

Après Surf & Turf BBQ on Sundays Summer is coming and so is our delicious Après Surf & Turf BBQ! Every Sunday in July & August at 18h we offer our members and watersporters our "Fish & Meat" BBQ at Surfers Paradise. Enjoy after your Sunday watersports session of an "All you can eat" ... Read more

SurfcampBBQ on Wednesday and Thursday in July & August

Surfcamp BBQ on Wednesday & Thursday Summer is coming and so is our delicious "Surfcamp" BBQ! Every Wednesday & Thursday in July & August at 18h we offer our "All you can eat" Original BBQ at Surfers Paradise to our campers & family, members and watersports enthusiasts. Reserve your place now via julie@surfersparadise.be because ... Read more

Jack O'Neill Day

Jack O'Neill Day On 9 July, we commemorate Jack O'Neill, inventor of the wetsuit in 1952, which enabled water sports enthusiasts from all over the world to resist the cold water for longer. Jack passed away in 2017, still living in his legendary cliff-top home in Santa Cruz, California, overlooking the ... Read more

Sunday 27th June - Summeropeningsdrink & MemberBBQ

Summeropeningsdrink & LEDENBBQ on Sunday 27 June! The summer season has started: we welcome you on Sunday 27 June at 4 pm for our summeropeningsdrink and for the LEDENBBQ Surf&turf at 6 pm! Bring your cocktailbon (obtained in the mailbox in December) and enjoy your free paradisecocktail! Subscribe for the BBQ: julie@surfersparadise.be

Road diversion from Natiënlaan to Surfers Paradise

Road works on Natiënlaan The Natiënlaan at the entrance of Knokke-Heist is undergoing a complete reorganisation resulting in huge traffic jams. Therefore, we would like to inform you to avoid this road on your way to and from Surfers Paradise. Alternative route: Turn into the Natiënlaan at the Kalvekeetdijk At restaurant Charl's turn right into ... Read more

Grommet day!

On Sunday 30 May Surfers Paradise becomes Kids Paradise!!! A free day of fun starts at 14h: bouncy castle & water sports! After all that sports, it's all smiles with Papa Chico's fantastic show and enjoying a delicious snack. This super fun day is completely FREE for grommets between 5 and 10 years of age! ... Read more

Surfers Paradise sells Keith Haring reproductions

During the years 1987, 1988 and 1989, the famous American artist Keith Haring was a welcome guest in Knokke-Heist. In his free time he enjoyed spending time at Surfers Paradise, where he learned to surf and enjoyed the relaxed beach life. As thanks, he created a unique Surfers Paradise logo especially for the club in 1989: ... Read more