Once again, more than 100 courageous polar bears braved the North Sea during the annual Easter Dive

Once again, more than 100 courageous polar bears braved the North Sea during the annual Easter dive at Surfers Paradise in Knokke-Heist. After a very well-attended "Wim Hof" breathing session led by Bart Raeves, the participants were full of positive energy and could start the collective warm-up. This warm-up session was supervised by the staff of Surfers Paradise on a ... Read more


As is our annual custom, Surfers Paradise offers a free introductory session on May 1st to kick off the Beach Yoga season! Enjoy an hour of total relaxation on the beach with a Slow Flow Vinyasa class accessible to all levels. Requirements: comfortable clothing and a large beach towel. Everyone can join our classes for free. Read more

Slate Day & Water Sports Day

On Sunday 24 April 2022, Surfers Paradise will celebrate "Lei Day", a Hawaiian holiday in which everyone wearing a garland of flowers around their neck will participate in a ceremony that takes place on the water. A "Lei" is a Hawaiian garland. This event takes place in cooperation with "De Watersportdag". From 13h onwards, all FREE watersports sessions of the ... Read more

Easter Grabbing & Brunch

For all chocolate lovers Surfers Paradise organises for the 2nd time on Sunday 17 April a real FREE Easter Grabble. Grab your Easter eggs from the beach and enjoy a delicious fresh Easter brunch & bouncy castle before or after. Who is the ultimate Easter egg hunter and will find the GOLDEN EYE during the Easter Dig in Surfers Paradise? In the ... Read more

Surfers Paradise receives Eneco Clean Beach Cup

At the press presentation of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup 2022 in Bredene, Joyce Vanleenhove could, after waiting for a long time, finally receive this trophy due to well-known covid reasons. Surfers Paradise succeeded in bringing in the most volunteers during the post-season beach clean-up. On Sunday 12 September 2021, the ... Read more

New wave-making system from Belgium

Construction on a new R&D test facility is nearing completion and the company expects to pump out its first full-size waves this Spring. Once proven, the same company will construct a surf park for the public a few miles down the road near the beach at Knokke-Heist. The tech uses a system of submerged textile ... Read more

Fluvius places powerful plug for AllWaves surf pool in Knokke-Heist

Power company Fluvius has provided a powerful electricity connection for AllWaves' artificial surfing pool at Natiënlaan in Knokke-Heist. There, the 100% Belgian startup will test its unique technology for safe and sustainable surfing baths via a 100 by 100 metre test rig. Two powerful electricity cabins will set the wave technology in motion. The test pool will be located in the ... Read more

Knokke-Heist is ebb and flow, just like the sea. I like to surf on it'

The Belgian surfing sport began in Knokke-Heist. Frank Vanleenhove stood there as the first 25-kilo board, with teak sword, boom and a sail like a dish rag. He was thirteen at the time. Today he is an accomplished globetrotter, has been running Surfers Paradise for thirty years and since 2012 also Lakeside Paradise. In 1950 father Vanleenhove became a ... Read more

Tom Soupart from Knokke-Heist asks for help

On 16 December, super typhoon Rai hit the surf paradise of Siargao in the Philippines. This hurricane, announced as category 1-2, suddenly grew into a devastating category 5. With wind speeds of more than 270 km/h, just about everything that could come loose was blown to pieces. Tom Soupart from Knokke-Heist was at the scene, but was able to get to safety in time. Read more

Jack O'Neill Day

This weekend, all surfers around the world commemorated Jack O'Neill (1923-2017), the man who invented the wetsuit in 1952, allowing water sports enthusiasts around the world to stay out in the cold water a lot longer without worrying. So too at Surfers Paradise in Knokke-Heist, where no fewer than 130 surfers sat on their surfboards in the sea ... Read more