Paradise Babyboom!

Working in a paradise must have its advantages... A young and dynamic team, a pleasant and good atmosphere, friends among friends, healthy outdoor air... All this together must have influenced the fertility factor somewhat. For the last few years/months/weeks there has been a real baby boom on both Surfers and Lakeside Paradise!

Congratulations to all new mums and dads! You have ensured that in the future a lot of young water sports enthusiasts will be able to get started!


From left to right: James with Jaden Peeters 13/2/2021 & Bella Peeters 16/02/2015 - Quincy with Nate Lambert 15/3/2020 - Charona with Thiago-Luiz Fekkour 5/2/2021 - Dries with Morris Desmidt 10/11/2021 - Joyce with Ivy Lambert 6/9/2021 - Simon with Lukas Van de Gucht 16/9/2020 - Ann-sophy & Nick with Georges Buysse 3/3/2021 - Cyriel with Valentine Danschutter 20/3/2020