We have not been sitting still this winter and have taken the decision to start this season, with the arrival of the second fullsize cable car, with a new reservation system for the cable park (which is already in use at many cable parks).

Soon we will have not 2, but 3 cable cars:
1. Small Cable (2.0) that goes from one point to another. Ideal for an initiation of wakeboarding/water skiing & foiling. Reservations start on the hour.
2. Pro Cable (fullsize) is the existing cableway where the more difficult obstacles are located. This left-turning cable car is for enthusiasts from 12 years of age. Reservations start on the hour (nothing changes here).
3. NEW: Rookie Cable! We expect to open it by mid-June 2021. This full-size cable car will mainly run at a slower speed and, unlike the Pro Cable, will turn right. It will feature 7 new obstacles.

IMPORTANT: the reservations of the new Rookie Cable always start on the half hour. The reservations for the Pro Cable continue to start on the hour!
This is to minimise queues at the reception desk and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Reservations for the cable park from Monday, 3 May are made via this system.

What does this mean exactly?
We ask everyone to create a personal account via the link below. (This account must be created only once.) Once this is done, we will link your membership, season/year pass or turn card to your account.
Therefore, from now on, there should be a separate account created for each person if you want to go on the water.

Once your personal account is created, please send us an email as soon as possible to with the name of your account and we will link everything to it so that you can start booking!

All reservations will have to be made through the reservation system from now on. We will NO We can no longer make telephone reservations for you.
In order to make a reservation, payment must be made online immediately. No payment = no reservation. There can be0 cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival. The money will then be placed back into your prepaid account. Please note that this also means you will lose your money if you do not cancel in time.
The system automatically recognises whether or not you can benefit from a preferential rate once we have linked your membership, season/year pass and/or service card.

For members with a year/season or winterpass: if we register a NO-Show 3 times in your name, you will still be on a 'black list'. The reservation system will keep this up automatically, you will not be able to make reservations anymore, because your account will be automatically blocked by the system.

We also inform you that you can purchase your personal wristband from Monday 3 May on Lakeside Paradise (once the account has been created). at €5/band.
This wristband is linked to your account. When you arrive, you no longer have to queue up at the reception desk, but only to scan your wristband. You can use this wristband over and over again.

Bands cannot and must not be passed on! At the cable cars, every time you enter the water, you will have to scan the wristband and the cable car operator will see a photo of the person to whom the wristband belongs. If we find abuse, you will lose your membership and benefits for that calendar year! This is without a refund from Lakeside Paradise.

What else can you do through the system?
- Purchasing 10-Turn Cards
- season/year pass/winter pass purchases
- Place money in a 'prepaid account' so you have some credit to pay for future wakeboard sessions.

So those who go on the cable car can already create an account on this day.
1. Create an account
2. Email us at If you are a member, we can link everything to your account.
If you have a turn card on Lakeside Paradise, please mention it in the mail. We will transfer the turns to the reservation system.

It is a lot of work and will require some effort, but it will make your next visits to Lakeside Paradise easier. We hope you will appreciate all these efforts to make things run smoothly.