Warmest and longest Easter dive ever

Warmest and longest Easter dive ever with record number of participants

On Sunday morning, 7 April 2019, more than 150 brave polar bears came to Surfers Paradise in Knokke-Heist to dive into the cold water of 6°C for the 17th edition of the annual Easter Plunge. Upon arrival all the youngest participants received an Easter egg, presented by none other than the Easter Bunny. The staff of Surfers Paradise provided an intense warm-up session and the atmosphere was immediately good.

All those present, accompanied by the Easter Bunny and two polar bears on a supboard, dived into the water, well warmed up and in good spirits. The sun and especially the calmness of the wind gave a pleasantly warm feeling. The Bruges polar bears and the Knok bicycle team The Jumpers, among others, braved the water of barely 6°C.

After the intense swimming session, the participants were welcomed on the beach with delicious sandwiches from butcher Hillewaere. Drinks were also provided courtesy of Tao, Desperados and Ice Tea Matcha. The uplifting music of the Redbull DJ ensured that the participants could reminisce in a pleasant atmosphere on the cosy terrace.

This was a solid start to the 32nd season of Surfers Paradise!