Clean dunes!

On Sunday, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., about a hundred people came to Surfers Paradise to, together with the Surfers crew, turn the dunes eastward inside out and collect all possible waste.

All in all, it was not too bad after the busy seasonal months. About 200 kg of waste was collected, mainly from people going for a picnic in the dunes between Surfers Paradise and the Zwin: drink and food packaging, that is.

Frank Vanleenhove: "The municipality is already doing an excellent job at the waterline, and we also see the men of the cleaning services in the immediate vicinity of the dyke picking up all the rubbish with clock-like regularity."

We really took the people in between the bushes, and all in all it is a large area of 3 km of dunes so we were happy to do our bit. But the weather was beautiful so it was actually quite enjoyable. We were pleased to see that many families with children showed up, so that especially they are taught from an early age not to leave any rubbish behind. People who go out for a drink and enjoy the splendour of the Zwin and the dunes should know, in the first place, that they have to take their rubbish with them afterwards, because they are people who want to enjoy nature, aren't they?

For Surfers Paradise we placed a special waste bin last year with the text "Waste from the Zwin? Deposit it here"So they already see that when they continue in the direction of Zwin, a small one to use our rubbish bin on the way back, isn't it? Hopefully it will only get better and we can continue to strive for clean dunes and beaches."