Paradise Memberships 2021

Paradise Memberships 2021.

Every year we ask to renew the memberships before 1 March 2021. As you know, we charge one membership fee to be a member of both paradises, with all its advantages.

The easiest way is to purchase them from our because then you can also tell us your shirt choice and size. These memberships are also easier to process administratively.

New and not to be underestimated, as everyone spends more and more time on the water, is that we also
ask to take the insurance from the club where you are most frequented, linked to the water sport you are most interested in.
most practised.
The choices are between WWSV (Wind and Waterport Flanders, federation of Surfers Paradise) and WSV
(Waterski Vlaanderen, federation of Lakeside Paradise).
New for all wakeboarders who also kite is that WSV now also covers all kite accidents!

Note that the insurance international is so that you are always covered wherever you go, and that even bodily harm is to third parties is insured!

Anyone who pays before 1 March will receive the free club T-shirt. This year, for Lakeside Paradise, it is the exclusive 10 years T-shirt. The Surfers Paradise T-shirt will remain a secret for a while, but will be another collector's item are!

Attention! If you pay after 1 March, unfortunately we cannot provide a free T-shirt and your insurance will only come into effect then, along with all the club benefits such as bar and sports discounts, etc.

We greatly appreciate paying your membership on time as it provides winter income to tackle the pre-season and prepare well, so thank you. Last year we counted 1400 membersThe target for 2021 will be 1500 members. We have several membership packages available for individuals, substantial discounts for couples & families so that everyone can enjoy all the benefits, and not just one member per family.

New! An additional member benefit this year is the Cooperation with Sportoase whereby Paradise members, on presentation of their membership card 20%, receive a discount on the applicable rates, starting at EUR 25 instead of EUR 80.

This discount is valid for all combi/all-in/fitness annual subscriptions, 3 month subscriptions and 10 turn card for group classes.

Also at Chill Out and Icarus you will enjoy discounts on presentation of your valid membership card, and of course there are the member discounts in our own Lakeside Pro Shopwhere we offer the largest selection of O'Neill Wetsuits and Wakeboards.

We wish everyone a great water sports year and hope to see you in one of our Paradises as often as possible!

For an overview of all rates, please click here: membership rates 2021

This year again, we have made a fantastic overview of the two Paradises. You can find both the Surfers and Lakeside Paradise newspapers below.

surfers-review-newspaper & lakeside-review-newspaper

CU on the beach or CU @ the Lake!
Team Surfers & Lakeside Crew