Mystical Breathjourney and ice bath at Surfers Paradise

On Sunday morning, July 16, Surfers Paradise, in collaboration with Breathing Coach Bart Raeves, is organising a new session of breathing exercises followed by a guided ice bath.

It is widely proven that ice baths are the perfect exercise to increase your resistance, control your breathing and, above all, make you mentally stronger.

Besides, it is the perfect way to relax your muscles or get heavy legs back on point. Many triathletes and pro riders crawl into their ice bath immediately after arriving.

It is important to know that it is not a competition but that everyone has the opportunity to test their own limits. The fact that it is a group event makes it a very special experience in which everyone learns to discover themselves. After the whole event, there will be time for post-race reflection and a healthy lunch.


  • 09.30h : Arrival & Registration
  • 10.00 : Introduction & getting to know each other
  • 10.30am : Mystical breathjourney
  • 11.30am : Preparation ice bath
  • 12.00h : Guided ice bath session
  • 13.00 : Healthy lunch & debriefing

Cost for the experience : 85€

Supplement healthy lunch : 18€

Register via or on 050/615960