Eneco Clean Beach Cup 2019

Surfers Paradise - Sunday 24 March 2019

On the bright first Sunday of spring, 169 members and sympathisers took part in the 10the edition of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup.

No less than 1269.19 kg was collected over a distance of 2.5 km. This was achieved through the cooperation of all 169 enthusiastic parade members & volunteers who took to the beach wearing red vests, bandanas, prickers, gloves and a rubbish bag.

During the first 2 kilometres, little waste was found. But when we walked into the Zwin estuary, a lot of rubbish was collected: campfire remains, many filled dog waste bags, ropes, broken glass, straws, plastic sticks and a lot of rubbish washed up from the sea. Clearly less cigarette butts this year, but more microplastics, plastic bags and bottle tops.

Surfers Paradise started already 25 years ago, under the leadership of Frank Vanleenhove, with this big spring beach clean. Now several partners (Eneco, FastForwardEvents, National Geographic, Renewi Bakken, Studio Brussel) are involved in this event to inspire as many people as possible to opt for a long-term vision for our oceans.

Surfers Paradise is also committed to "take 3 for the sea". The aim is to take three pieces of litter with you every time you walk down the beach.

We look forward to the World Clean Up Day on Saturday 21 September 2019.