172 Surfers Paradise triathletes at the start of the Zwintriatlon!

As the climax to the summer sports season, this week is triathlon week par excellence in Knokke-Heist! Jean Deloddere and Frank Vanleenhove have been making sure for almost 20 years that the participants of Surfers Paradise come to the start every year with new and identical outfits as a team, and so they did again for this fantastic 21 days in Knokke-Heist.e edition! For this edition, they can immediately count on a record turnout within their team, because with 172 triathletes, this group represents about 15 % of the total field of participants! Extra easy for the supporters, because every year you see them coming from far away, and extra cool for the group that crosses their colleagues during the race itself and who can encourage each other this way.

They can also be admired on Saturday during the "half of Knokke" because 11 of them are participating in "the double", which means a quarter and a half triathlon in 4 days time.

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172 Thank you!

In the name of our entire team for another wonderful and unique Zwintriathlon. This year through all kinds of weather, but even that couldn't spoil the fun! Thanks team Sportdienst, thanks municipality Knokke-Heist, thanks volunteers, thanks participants, thanks supporters, thanks sponsors !
Frank Vanleenhove and Jean Deloddere, Surfers Paradise.