Kite Surfers Paradise

After being allowed to start renting out water sports equipment from 11 May, we are now also allowed to give water sports lessons from 18 May.

This means that from now on everyone can sign up for kite-, surf-, windsurf-, skim- and boogieboard lessons, and that everyone who doesn't need lessons anymore, but still needs material, can come and do water sports to their heart's content!


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Both at Surfers Paradise and at Lakeside Paradise we offer this new water sport where anyone can book lessons or just rent the E-Foils.

Please note! At sea at Surfers Paradise it depends on the waves (the calmer the sea, the better), whereas at Lakeside Paradise the water is always suitable.

Safety first, so for this you need a full suit, an impact vest and a helmet. We provide these if necessary.


This year Surfers Paradise invested in "Advanced Suppen" so that you can take to the sea with a brand new Naish Touring 14". You will also receive a super carbon paddle... what are you waiting for to explore the coast of Knokke-Heist in calm seas?

New Naish Foils!
There is no doubt that foiling is on the rise. In order to give everyone the opportunity to get a taste of it, or to improve their skills, we have also invested in new foilboards.

So, do you want to surf, wind surf, kite surf...? We have everything available.