Postponed beach clean up ties in with World clean up day

At the end of March, the annual Beach Clean Up in which all water sports clubs participate was cancelled due to the lockdown.
The good news, however, is that the annual Beach Clean Up will tie in with World Clean Up Day on Saturday 19 September 2020. That day
Everywhere in the world initiatives are taken to clean the neighbourhood, so it is ideal to give the beach a clean after the season as well. During this World Clean Up Day, not only water sports clubs but everyone is called upon to clean up their own neighbourhood as well. These activities can perfectly fit within the corona legislation as the social distancing can be maintained without problems and everyone can start on their own, so that there can never be a concentration of many people in a row. Moreover, the more the volunteers spread out, the better the result will be.

At Surfers Paradise, meanwhile, everything is being done to keep the beach as tidy as possible throughout the summer.
Frank Vanleenhove: "There are remarkably more people this summer and that means that the pressure on the beach and surrounding area for litter is also greater. Despite the fact that we clean the beach every day, we are pleased that there will be a general clean-up day after the season. After all, we are already seeing a new kind of pollution: mouth masks...

In addition, it must be said that the municipality also plays a major supporting role: every morning when we open the beach, we see the tractor with the cleaning machine driving along the entire high tide line, and the men from the technical department changing all the bins. For our part, we have placed waste islands on our beach where we encourage people to select all the waste. In addition, our action "take 3 for the sea" is still running, where we encourage people to pick up 3 pieces of waste per visit. It is best to wash your hands afterwards, of course.

On the beach itself, there are about 50 litter bins spread out and practically within everyone's reach, and we even have a special litter bin for people coming back from the Zwin.

To stay in the Knokke-Heist spirit, we have transformed golf clubs into an ideal tool for scooping up everything that doesn't belong on the beach into hand-knotted nets...".

So, meet up on Saturday 19 September for the World Clean Up Day, from 2 p.m. at Surfers Paradise, to clean up the stretch of beach and dunes up to the Dutch border. All materials such as prickers, rubbish bags and gloves will be provided on site...
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Volunteers on duty, and an ideal family outing or in your own bubble!