Surfers Paradise Rats close season in Morocco

The youth surf team of Surfers Paradise ended the surf season with a surf training course in Imsouane, Morocco. 20 young surfers between 8 and 15 years of age had been looking forward to the whole season, training every Sunday afternoon from 13.30-16.30... so that they would eventually be able to surf 6 to 8 hours a day for a full week. They were rewarded because the waves were perfect, so was the weather, and everyone scored the best rides.

Surf training resumes in 2020 after the Easter holidays, every Sunday from 13.30 to 16.30. Professional instructors will give guidance on and off the water, and afterwards video analyses will be made to improve your technique. Young surfers are also welcome. In case of bad surf conditions we always look for another activity. So sometimes you go wakeboarding, skateboarding, and there are trips to competitions or you can try other spots with the surf bus.

Participation for an entire season costs 150 € and 120 € membership fee and insurance, which includes all travel and use of all necessary equipment.

All further information: 050/615960 or

For the "die hard" surfers, Surfers Paradise remains open all winter on weekends and holidays and has heated cloakrooms, showers and clubhouse.

On the surf photo "rat of the year 2019" Storm Martlé (13) and the group with instructors Adriaan Carpels and Frank Vanleenhove.