Surfers Paradise rats Dean Vandewalle and Jack Verbraeken 1 and 2 at BK Golfsurfing

Dean Vandewalle and Jack Verbraeken have become first and second respectively at the Belgian championships golf surfing in Ostend, category open men.

Dean normally surfs the world from contest to contest as the only Belgian professional surfer and Jack is studying in Australia. Because of corona, they could both be there this year in the Belgian waves, as normally the Belgian Championships take place annually in a more wave-sure place in France.

Out of necessity, we now worked with a waiting period, spread over several weekends. This weekend, there were enough waves on our beaches. In the boys category, Storm Martlé made it through to the semi-finals and Bernard Fossion to the second round.

The following weekends, the girls and masters are still on the programme at Surfers Paradise.