Easter Dive 2023

Those who thought this year's Easter Plunge would have a meagre turnout will be disappointed.

It may have been the coldest edition ever, but the challenge was all the greater.

With a water temperature of around 7 degrees centigrade, a tight northerly wind that brought the wind chill to around 5 degrees and one-and-a-half-metre high waves, it was indeed up to the very brave.

With a large delegation from the Bruges Polar Bear Club, a lot of water sports enthusiasts and individual participants, around 100 polar bears turned up plus a lot of supporters.

The prior Yoga session and joint warm-up also met with a lot of success. Polar bear rescuers ensured safety because due to the wave action and not unsympathetic undertow, participants were obviously not allowed to venture too far into the sea.

Everyone was surprised with Easter eggs by the Easter Bunny afterwards, and there were also heartwarming shots and sandwiches for everyone.

Now let the water sports season and spring really begin !