On Easter Monday 18 April, for the first time in three years a sup tour was organised by Surfers Paradise. More than 20 participants descended on the "Siphon" in Damme for the start of a wonderful tour. Under a radiant sun the participants enjoyed an 8 km trip to Sluis. At the arrival they were welcomed with a glass of cava and a surprise from the Easter Bunny before they went home.
Suppen, or Stand Up Paddleboarding, is a more than complete workout... You can see it a bit like jogging on the water, with the big advantage that the entire upper body is put to work. The perfect fat burner, while of course enjoying the surroundings. Ideal on a flat sea, or on a canal or pond.
To avoid backache and other problems, it is important to take a lesson where an instructor teaches you the tricks of the trade. Once you have mastered the right technique, you can start making nice trips.
At Surfers Paradise you can take daily SUP lessons or rent a supboard, and there are regular sup tours.
It is also possible to organise such a tour with your own group, company, association, etc. Of course, group lessons are also possible, all equipment is available.
There are still places available on the following Suptours:

Friday 17 June Midsummer paddle
Friday 24 June Sup 'n Dine Aircafé
Friday 2 September Sup 'n Dine Côte Belge
Waiting period July/August: Surfers Paradise - Seagull Cadzand.

You can register at info@surfersparadise.be.