No Christmas present yet? Sales in Paradise!

Always wanted a skimboard? No Christmas present yet?

Surfers Paradise is known for offering quality. That is why from now on there are several bargains to be had. In our assortment we offer several skimboards. Both for beginners and real pro's there are skimboards on offer. Do you want to try it out? Then check out our wide range of second-hand skimboards.

We also have the ideal Christmas present in stock, namely a limited edition 'Surfers Paradise' hoodie. A warm hoodie is not possible without a hat, which we also offer in our clubhouse.

Are you still looking for a surf pad or leash?
Here, too, we are happy to help you with our range of surf pads and leashes. Please keep in mind: OP = OP!

Finally, we offer various second-hand sports equipment on.
This goes from windsurfing material to kitesurfing material. We also sell two unique outriggers.