Material members

The kite-talises for attaching to your harness have arrived, albeit with some delay due to the corona crisis. All kitesurfing members are requested to collect these at their first visit to surfers paradise, we will gladly attach them to your harness. This talis is the proof of your kite-membership with the corresponding compulsory insurance.

This winter we noticed that many members left their wetsuits hanging without using them. Now we have been practising water sports for a few weeks and even more wetsuits have come in. Therefore we ask you to look for your wetsuit on your first visit and write your name on it. Wetsuits that have remained dry after the season will be removed.

Locker material
We noticed that a lot of new members showed up who also rented a locker. Since December, regular users can reserve their locker, so we hope that this has happened by now. Because everything was full, we placed new lockers and there are still 3 pieces available, first come first serve!