In the spotlight: Kite & WINGcamp

New !!!
Kite & Wing camp at Surfers Paradise
Monday to Friday 10 am - 5 pm in July & Aug
Are you attracted to gliding across the water driven by the wind ? Then kitesurfing and wingfoiling is for you!
For a week, you will be introduced to kitesurfing and introduced to the world of wingfishing.
Wingfoiling is the very youngest addition to the world of board sports. We will teach you foiling on the 2.0 beginner's course at Lakeside Paradise, while you will first learn to handle the wing on a speedsail at low tide and then on a stand-up paddleboard. Then we'll combine the two and get you wing foiling!
If there's enough wind, you'll get an initiation in kitesurfing: you'll first get to work on the beach with a power kite, and then take to the water with a real kite. Then we'll try the water start with board and you'll be ready for the big time.