Corona proof Easter diving at Surfers Paradise!

Retrieved from Sunday 4 April 2021 Surfers Paradise is organising a coronaproof version of the traditional annual Easter dive. 

It is well known that a polar bear dive strengthens your immune system and has a beneficial effect on your body, so this is an opportunity not to be missed at this time!

Starts are staggered from 11u.
It is not possible to warm up together, so it is best to do some individual warming up beforehand.

Spectators and supporters will of course remain at a safe distance. Each group will have a photo opportunity with the Easter Bunny, while polar bears will ensure safety and keep everything on the right track.

Registration is mandatory via

 The Easter dive is the opener of the summer season, don't miss it this year either, next year we hope to have the annual fun again, but for now we have to go through it, so don't skip a year and be there!