Coastal Cleanup Day - 21/09/19

For the second time, "Proper Strand Lopers" is organising a gigantic beach clean-up action as part of World Cleanup Day on Saturday 21 September.

This follows on from last year's first event where 18 million volunteers from 157 countries joined forces to clean up the planet, and in this case the beach.

Also with Proper Strand Lopers, some 544 volunteers were mobilised and guided along a total of 41km of coastline in our country last year.

This time we will be working with  Coastal Cleanup Day 2019 endeavour to  cover the entire Belgian coast in its entirety by providing materials and attendants for all routes at the starting and stopping points.

There is no course guidance only, most starting and stopping points are surf clubs and beach bars from which it is possible to free skate continuously. The materials are provided in cooperation with all municipal services.

The folder with all the information is on our facebookevent and one can register on it or send us an email:

Surfers Paradise in Knokke-Heist is also looking for "Proper Dunes" runners!

Surfers Paradise is the easternmost surfing club along the Belgian coast and borders the dune area that extends to the Dutch border. Because it is less obvious to walk up and down the dunes, more hands are needed here. After all, any waste is better hidden than, say, on the flat beach, and often one has to walk through dunes and bushes to collect all the waste that has been blown in and left behind. It's a bit more sporty, but everyone has a choice: enjoy a long walk on the beach or in the dunes, accompanied by your rubbish bag, and clean the beach for the coming winter!

So meet at Surfers Paradise for an east or west clearance, Sunday 21 September from 2pm!