Surfers Paradise Beach Clean Up

The annual Eneco Beach Clean Up has unfortunately been postponed to a later date due to the corona measures. At Surfers Paradise, however, they are not sitting on their hands and want to organise a corona-proof beach clean up before the start of the season.

Frank Vanleenhove: "We understand that the Beach Clean Up cannot continue in the format of recent years. But we also see that in recent weeks, weekends, months...a lot of people have come to the coast. What's more, a lot of people hiked up to the Zwin and had drinks with them, Pick Nick...and unfortunately, some of them always get stuck on the beach, between the dunes...Outdoor hikes are allowed, even recommended, and can be done individually or as a family, with your cuddly friend...Children under 13 can even go in groups of ten! So we call on everyone to turn up on the beach at Surfers Paradise on Sunday 28 March from 2 p.m. onwards, where we will provide everyone with sticks and bin liners. All these volunteers can then walk safely along the beach, through the dunes and pick up the trash whenever they see something. Healthy and ecological.
And that way, the beach and dunes will be cleaned before the Easter holidays and before everything is blown under.

 Appointment, then: Sunday, 28 March, from 2 p.m. onwards on the beach at Surfers Paradise!