successful water sports day

Surfers Paradise successfully kicked off the May month with 'The Watersports Day'.
An initiative organised in cooperation with Wind & Watersport Vlaanderen to highlight water sports. Several free water sports sessions were organised throughout the afternoon, led by experienced instructors. The wind and waves did not show up, but the sun was ready, giving 100 participants the opportunity to learn Stand Up Paddbleboarding (SUP), a perfect introduction to wave surfing. Everyone learned to find their balance on a board to then move forward with a paddle and enjoy a beautiful ride at sea!

One of the highlights was being able to admire Anthony Gormley's statue nearby, at the end of the adjacent breakwater and only visible at low tide.

Surfers Paradise offers SUP lessons every day and has all the necessary boards, as well as paddles and wetsuits. Besides the fact that this sport is a complete workout for all possible muscle groups, it can be practised in a relaxed manner while the practitioner can fully enjoy the sea and its surroundings while standing upright.
Surfers Paradise also organises regular trips on the North Sea when weather and sea conditions are favourable.

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