Sinterklaas pays heart-warming visit to Lakeside & Surfers Paradise

Anyone wanting to wakeboard at Lakeside Paradise in Knokke-Heist these days is anything but a wimp. Due to the corona measures, changing clothes is not done in a heated changing room but outside on the parking lot in front of Lakeside Paradise. No hot shower afterwards and you can forget about a steaming cup of soup or a hot mug of chocolate. But still, a lot of wakeboarders defy the currently cool 8 degrees Duinenwater Lake every weekend to keep practicing their favourite sport. This was also the case on Saint Nicholas Day, 6 December 2020, with an outside temperature of around freezing. Hence the moral and heartwarming support of the good Saint Nicholas!  

The surfers at Surfers Paradise also received a well-meaning supporter on Sunday. Saint Nicholas even came with a surfboard this time! Much to the delight of the many walkers...