"Rats" enthusiastically start the new surfing season.

The Surfers Paradise surf training team celebrates its 11th anniversary! Youngsters between 8 and 16 years old meet every Sunday afternoon from 13.30-16.30 to train. The focus during these training sessions is mainly to raise the surfing level of young people in Belgium, while of course having fun! In a relaxed atmosphere and under the guidance of Jerry Brown (Costa Rica) and Adrian Carpels (Knokke-Heist), the youngsters not only learn the tips and tricks of surfing, but also the discipline and routine that goes with becoming a good surfer. Depending on their level and age, the youngsters are divided into different groups in order to make the most progress. The team is therefore split into a competition team and a "rookie" team.

Some old Paradise Rats team members have meanwhile worked their way up to the top. Dean Vandewalle, who now lives in Costa Rica and is preparing to become a pro surfer. "Rat" Jack Verbraeken from Knokke-Heist, who is now studying in Australia so that he can surf a lot there, became Belgian champion, while Arnaud Bailyu and Loic Kaessner have also won many podiums at various competitions.

Each session starts with a custom surf warm-up before the Rats get in the water or start other activities. When there are surfable waves, as much surfing as possible during the sessions is done on the beach of Surfers Paradise as well as on other good surf spots, using the team van. With the help of professional video analyses and competition simulations the youngsters are prepared as well as possible to surf independently and to take part in competitions at home and abroad.

If there are not enough waves for surfing, other activities are organised to improve surfing technique as well as physical condition and strength: paddle-race, SUP, skateboarding, wakeboarding & foiling on Lakeside Paradise. Through a What's App group, the team is also kept informed during the week when there are good waves.

After last year's success, this year's season is again concluded with a group trip to Morocco during the autumn holidays.

Free introduction

Would you like to join the Rats team? You can sign up via julie@surfersparadise.be or come along on Sunday afternoon 13.30h to follow a first free session. As a rat you pay €150 for the whole season. This includes all equipment such as wetsuit and boards, travel with the surf bus and coaching. Membership is required to become a rat (€100 per calendar year, family discounts possible!), this way you enjoy numerous advantages and you are also a member of Lakeside Paradise (personal bar bill, bar discount, discount on equipment rental and lessons, invitation to events, ...).

Would you like to join us, but don't think you are good enough yet or would you like to try it first? Take a lesson or a 5-hour course with a private instructor. At Surfers Paradise, wave surfing lessons are now given every day, reservations are required. This is also possible with several people, so feel free to bring a family member or friend!

Surfers Paradise rats training, until the end of October every Sunday afternoon from 13.30-16.30.

Paradise Surfing "chicks

Because the ladies don't want to be left out and also because more and more girls are also taking to the boards, a girls' group, the "surfing chicks", will be started in May. As soon as 8 candidates sign up, a separate group will be formed to enjoy the weekly surf training at the same hours. Because of the start, everyone is welcome, even those who have no experience but would like to surf on Sunday afternoons. If you want to join, mail to julie@surfersparadise.be Or come on Sunday afternoon 13.30 and get a taste of the surfing atmosphere!