Opening of cloakrooms & showers from 1 July

Opening of cloakrooms and showers from 1 July!

Dear members, from 1 July the cloakrooms and showers will be accessible again.
We recommend respecting the social distancing and entering the cloakrooms with a mouth mask.
For our part, we will have a cleaning team decontaminate everything every day, so please respect order and cleanliness and do not leave anything lying around, and throw all waste into the bins.

The big news is that we invested in new lockers to serve you even better. (At Surfers Paradise already delivered, at Lakeside Paradise because of corona only in August, ordered together in December))
In both the ladies' and men's cloakrooms there are now lockers so that you don't have to leave anything hanging and you can store all your valuables safely.
If these are full, we have also provided 120 extra lockers in the corridor to the cloakrooms! 
Especially for members, we want to make a number of them available for the entire season. Cost 50 €.

Operating instructions
The lockers and locks are made of hard polyethylene so they are strong and rustproof. A number lock ensures secure locking.
The dial is turned vertically to the right, then you enter your code from top to bottom.
If you then turn the knob all the way to the left, your locker is locked and all the numbers are set to 0.
Enter your code and turn right again and you can get back into your locker. 
We ask that no wet material be stored.
3 times a week we empty everything with a runner to avoid any possible nuisance and abuse. 
The rented lockers will be named and will of course remain closed.