New in Knokke-Heist: Lakeside Paradise Sport Hostel

The Lakeside Paradise Sleep Inn got a makeover... and became the Lakeside Paradise SPORT HOSTEL. The only youth hostel in Knokke-Heist was opened in 2012 as part of Lakeside Paradise and has 64 sleeping accommodations in 10 rooms. There are rooms for 4, 8 and 12 people. Each room has its own theme and colouring via its own photo material of various world-famous surf spots. Each visitor is thus immersed in a fantastic atmosphere and unique environment. There are shared but separate shower cabins & toilets for ladies & gents in the corridor as well as all the necessary facilities for the disabled. This is why the hostel was awarded the highest attainable quality label A+ by Tourism Flanders from the very beginning.

Sport Hostel guests can opt for breakfast à la carte at the Tiki Bar on the terrace in the morning. For groups +20 people there are all kinds of catering formulas worked out, including breakfast buffet, sandwich lunch, BBQ etc. The Lakeside restaurant, where everyone is also welcome every day, offers lunch, tapas and dinner à la carte. In addition, athletes can enjoy specific sports nutrition and a fresh, healthy world-oriented cuisine that certainly adds value.

Sport Hostel: Taste 100 different sports in Knokke-Heist!

Frank Vanleenhove: "From this year onwards, we want to transform our youth hostel into a real Sports Hostel, where everyone remains welcome, of course! It's all about the total experience and the atmosphere, whereby we also want our guests to enjoy the sports facilities on offer.
Since our family, who together with our staff run the business, all love sports, it was always a great pleasure to see how our visitors could fully enjoy the sports they were offered: wakeboarding, water-skiing, kneeboarding, skateboarding...
But I am not only talking about water sports. We are visited by cyclists who cross the entire Belgian coast, the North Sea route or even Europe... Football, hockey and basketball teams on training camp, swimming teams who can go to the Sportoase sports complex next door, tennis and padel players who take part in one tournament or another, walkers of the Canadian Liberation March, athletes of the Zwin and half triathlon and other participants in so many local sports events... or participants in an event or tournament of a local sports club...
All this gives a very good vibe and satisfaction to our sports club, which we would like to develop further. It is fantastic when we see our guests walking or jogging around the Duinenwater Lake before breakfast and whether or not they use the outdoor gym!
Because of the wide range of sports we offer, many groups such as sea classes, sports clubs preparing their competition season, families, groups of friends and companies visit us to do their thing. For them, specific arrangements are made and we also have 2 multipurpose rooms so the privacy of the group is maintained. We also offer our own bicycle tours, while a visit to the Zwin reserve, the golf course, the playground, etc. is also possible.

Individual visitors, who travel to Lakeside Paradise from all over the world to visit our cable park, are of course also valued guests. It is not without reason that our cable park is ranked among the top 10 cable parks in the world! Additional advantages are of course the parking right at the door and the immediate vicinity of train, tram and bus stops, while the beach and city centre are within walking distance.

After all, Knokke-Heist really is a sea of sport. In our municipality you can practice no less than about 100 !!!! different sports. That is why a Sports Hostel in our town is a logical addition. What's more, if you look at our location, we are, as it were, at the epicentre of the sports facilities on offer in Knokke-Heist! 

Sports centres:
1 Kilometre to the north the largest sports field in the world: the beach and the adjacent North Sea. To the east and within walking distance: the Burgemeester Graaf Leopold Lippenspark with next to it the sports hall Stormmeeuw.
To the west: Stadion De Taeye with next to it the Sportcenter Laguna and the tennis club Duinbergen. To the south: Sportstadion Molenhoek and Vita Sport, and soon the golf ?
And on our Duinenwater site itself, to make it complete: a skate park and swimming pool Sportoase with fitness, spinning, yoga, pilates, aqua gym and you name it.

Knokke-Heist together with Lakeside Sport Hostel: where athletes are at home.