Annual Ladies Day at Surfers Paradise

120 ladies take over surfers Paradise during the Ladies day!

After the Grommet Day, it was now the turn of the Ladies Day. 120 ladies signed up for a healthy, extremely sunny and free day of sport and beach fun. It is no secret that more and more women are finding their way to various water sports: kite surfing, wave surfing, foiling, surfing... all sports that also seem to appeal to a lot of ladies, both on a national and international level, recreationally and competitively.

Waking up was led by the in-house yogi who treated all the ladies to a surf detox yoga flow. After this dynamic warm-up, everyone could enjoy a delicious Poke bowl buffet provided by Aloha Poke bowls.

Next, several activities were planned: stand-up paddleboard initiation, supzilla and skate carving. Unfortunately, due to a lack of waves, wave surfing could not take place...

Then a cooldown Yoga stretching with Lindsey from Flow.

In between, everyone could get to know the handmade jewellery and NoMo soaps by Isa & Roza.

The finale was a Bacardi beach cocktail, after which everyone went home with a well-filled goodie bag: eat natural protein bars, To Organic Energizer, and lots of great surprises.

All ladies can book daily watersports lessons at Surfers Paradise, individually or in groups, without any problem. The club has all equipment in all sizes and weights, wetsuits, trapezes... so everything is provided.

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