Announcement of quiz winners and answers

Aloha Paradise Quizzers,

The winners of our Surfers Paradise & Lakeside Paradise Quiz are known!

Who will win a BBQ for 2 at Surfers Paradise and a Chicken on the Spit evening for 2 at Lakeside Paradise?


Answers Surfers Paradise Quiz:

  • The turret of Surfers Paradise is 9 metres
  • We mention the statue of Antony Gormley, which stands at the head of the eastern breakwater next to Surfers Paradise, Oscar.
  • The Knokish name for breakwater is a brislam.
  • The tree in the clubhouse next to the bar was found on the beach at Costa Rica. <3
  • Our storeroom counts 6
  • Surfers Paradise celebrated its 30th anniversary in the year 2017.
  • The lighthouse we see every day north in the sea is the lighthouse of Westkapelle (NL).
  • Keith Haring made his logo for Surfers Paradise in the year 1989.
  • The bronze surfer statue that stands at the entrance to Surfers Paradise was given to us by the one and only Jack O'Neill !
  • Shift question: In our wind & wave school we offer 103 wave surfboards in various sizes.

Winner of the Surfers Paradise Quiz : Veronique BeaudoinCongratulations!

Answers Lakeside Paradise Quiz :

  • There was first wakeboarding on Lakeside Paradise in the year 2012.
  • The maximum depth of the Duinenwater Lake is 27 metres.
  • The cable car route is 720 metres
  • There may be 8 wakeboarders at the same time on the cable.
  • Our first clubhouse was The Ice Bar !
  • The first meals came from Lucy Chang.
  • We have on Lakeside Paradise 21 obstacles in the water.
  • Our sports hostel has 80 beds.
  • We annually throw 30 tonnes coccoliths in the Duinenwater Lake.
  • Shift question: In 2019, Lakeside Paradise & Surfers Paradise counted 1260 members!

Winner of the Lakeside Paradise Quiz: Tanya Verstraeten. Congratulations!