Sea, sun and...Belgian Skimboarding Champions

The very first Belgian Skimboarding Championships are over.
Surfers Paradise, together with Skimzone Belgium and Red Bull, were responsible for a perfect organisation.

From 10 a.m., all the young participants were eager to attack the 20 m long inflatable skimpool. They could "board" until noon and then it was serious business. Each age group entered the pool one by one under the watchful eye of an expert jury.

Obstacles, kickers and sliders were also used. Also many spectators and supporters, applauding every time one of the participants pulled a daring trick. Of course there were also some spectacular falls, fortunately without serious consequences. After all, you fall on a layer of water, on the soft ground of sand. It is also quite physical, as you have to do a short sprint every time to jump on the board at full speed. The layer of water does the rest.

A nice initiative, worth repeating!

All top 3 results:

Category 1: +16 years

  1. Sam Bouaicha - Surfers Paradise Team
  2. Lorenzo Bocque - Skimzone Belgium Team
  3. Jean-Luc Dierickx - Surfers Paradise Team

Category 3: 8-11 years

Brent Demorelle
  1. Jack Vanderlinden - Paradise Rat
  2. Thibaut Faille

Category12-15 years

  1. Daan Vande Ghinste -Skimzone Belgium Team
  2. Victor Janssens
  3. Octave Desmet

Category 4: kids - 8 years

  1. Amaury Ternet - Paradise Rat
  2. Cedric Crombez
  3. Manon Vanderlinden - Paradise Rat