Surfers Paradise Ladies day: 200 sporty ladies on action-packed and scorching hot beach day.

With a full complement of 200 ladies, the annual "Ladies Day" at Surfers Paradise kicked off at 10am on Sunday.

First, a relaxing hour of Beach Yoga with Julie under ideal conditions: windless and still tolerable morning sun. Then a beach workout led by Stef Daese personal trainer and an initiation of Stand Up Paddleboarding with the instructors of Surfers Paradise. Also ideal because the work out took place on the waterfront of a mirror-smooth sea where the temperature was downright pleasant, while the beach water also easily reached 20 degrees Celsius.

As for supping, for the first time the ladies were able to go and admire Anthony Gormly's "Tomorrow Man" sculpture up close at the head of the adjacent breakwater, which is perfectly visible at low tide but disappears below the surface at high tide.

Then it was time for a healthy and light lunch because the afternoon programme consisted of 4 more sessions with rotation: initiation surf skating on the promenade, sup trip towards Tomorrow Man, Beach Boot Camp by Lividium coach Joachim Callebaut on the waterfront, and the very much enjoyed Poledance work out with Marina from Cosmos Pole station, during which many ladies were able to experience first-hand that this can also be a very tough real sport.

The unique Ladies Market with 24 booths of exclusively female Belgian entrepreneurs also saw a lot of success.

To conclude, everyone enjoyed a tasty cocktail and returned home with a well-filled goodie bag.

This Ladies day fell under the banner #girlscan, an initiative of Wind and Water Sports Flanders.
The Ladies Day was further made possible by the support of Yugen Kombucha, Sqwz, Bacardi and O'Neill.