Free sunscreen at Surfers Paradise!

Surfers are exposed to a lot of sunlight, especially since they also have to contend with the reflection of the sun on the water... In addition, when paddling or sitting on their boards, their faces are constantly just above the surface, which makes the impact even stronger.
From now until the end of August, all visitors, surfers and camp participants can enjoy free sunscreen. This will be provided through a dispenser with a pump that works on solar energy.
The SPF30 sun cream itself is Belgian-made, water-resistant, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. 20% of all people develop some form of skin cancer, now it is mainly sensitising and when the sun cream is in sight just before you go into the water, it is obvious that enough will be smeared.
During use, you can also see the current UV index and how often you should re-apply.