Surfers Paradise celebrates its 35th anniversary this year!

There was a time when we would dance the night away on the beach...
now we are allowed to stay open until midnight and play background music
So: we have found a way!

On le kinzoet 15 August we are organising a bbq followed by a "silent beach party".
This means that everyone gets a headset with which you can shake all evening to the tunes of no less than 3 danceable music genres!

Coronaproof because the beach is yours!
A lesser song or your neighbour going crazy? Then just switch channels!

Long time since you danced?
In the open air?
Until midnight?

Reserve your headphones NOW as stock is of course limited.

Mail NOW to
and register:
surf@turf bbq,
free drink @ silent party: 50€!

Do not miss this.
Let's shake.