#Safestart @ Surfers Paradise

Dear members of Surfers and Lakeside Paradise,

Let's go for it!
As promised, last minute news regarding the opening of both paradises following phase 1 corona exit strategy. This phase runs from 4 to 10 May. From 11 May onwards, new directives may follow.
Both paradises are open to members who come to do water sports because: non-contact outdoor sports are allowed!
Bring membership card for sure: if you don't have a 2020 membership card yet, bring it with you in 2019 and a proof of payment for 2020. You can ask for your 2020 membership card at both clubs.
Please note: showers, cloakrooms and clubhouse will remain closed! So get organised.
Please take into account the imposed measures: social distancing, mouth mask, hand gel... We don't want our crew to get sick, and of course you don't either.
Water sports enthusiasts arrive, get on the water and have to leave again.


No problem for members from Knokke-Heist.
As for the relocation from outside Knokke-Heist.
We quote:
A "limited" movement to an outdoor recreational activity is possible from 4 May. It would not be the intention to cross the whole country. But you are allowed to move to your regular sports club. And there is only one North Sea, and 1 Lakeside Paradise, so both are supra-local sports clubs of which there is not one around the corner...

For members who come to wakeboard at Lakeside Paradise, we recommend taking a photo with a smartphone of their reservation or printing it.
Reservations required at: https://www.lakesideparadise.be/cable-park/reserveren/

For members coming to Surfers Paradise, a form could be printed on the website ikwatersport from Tuesday 5 May (it took a long time for the government to tie the knot) showing that you are making the trip to the coast for water sports.

On the websites of wwsv and wsv, you will find the provisions imposed by the government on both federations.

Finally, you can find all further guidelines in the videos above.

Sorry for all these procedures, but if we want to do water sports, we have to do something about it.
Have fun, we hope to see you all soon, follow us on instagram and fb for all updates.

CU on the lake or CU on the beach!