Real surfboard made of waste seen at Surfers Paradise!

Surfboard made of waste!

Boardshaper Job Verpoorte, who goes by the name "Jabali" in everyday life, actually makes functional surfboards from wood that can go through life as works of art.
During the corona virus, he wondered whether he could make a surfboard out of 'junk', in order to enter the worldwide 'surfrider upcycle contest'.
Surfers are concerned about nature, but all surfboards are non-biodegradable and made of polymers...
In recent years, there has even been surf wax on the market that is biodegradable and, for example, cannot affect the reefs and corals.
He consulted Frank Vanleenhove and left with a discarded windsurfboard under his arm.
It took a lot of sweat, blood and tears to dismantle the hard outer shell of the 1998 Fanatic, remove the mast and footpegs and shorten the Styrofoam core for a 5'11" wave surfboard.

Then came the waste:

* balsa rest wood
* Bright 70s curtains, and veneer of camembert packaging to reinforce and decorate the upper deck (see wooden strip in the middle of the upper deck)
* recycled neoprene and a luxury beer crate (straffe hendrik 2017 oak-aged quadruple) for nose and tail protection,
* Remnants of fibreglass and greenpoxy to make the whole thing waterproof.
* A plastic beer keg and milk bottle tops to make a fin.

It's a wonder that it's about a surfboard, given the ingredients...
This entry received an honourable mention from the jury of the upcycle contest and the result can be seen in Surfers Paradise in Knokke-Heist.

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